Hi Yeggers!

I am grateful the sun is back out and shining in good old Y-E-G, we needed the rain, but my sanity needed the sun.

My name is Kimberley, and I am the Sales and Marketing Coordinator with City Homes Master Builder. Just recently, my boyfriend and I purchased a duplex in the North Edmonton community of McConachie. YAY! – guess the builder *cough City Homes cough*) It is a pre-sale so we have a few months to wait before we take possession of our new home. The paperwork is signed, the mortgage handled, we had our meeting with the Décor team and selected our upgrades. That alone seems like a lot when I write it down, but… now what?! There are so many things you need when buying a new home. We have until November, and my Pinterest cannot handle one more home décor pin.

Here is my list of “Things To Do After You Buy A House”

Set a budget: Even if you are like us with a move-in date that’s months away, don’t book that trip to Vegas! (Oops – where was this list when I needed it?!). Unless you already own furniture, things like couches, TVs, even things you probably take for granted like spices and TP, those things add up! It’s nice to have a financial cushion as well to make sure those first few months of adjusting to new mortgage and utility payments don’t cause you stress. You are a homeowner now, you got bills my friends (and lots of them).

  • TIP 1: Download the Mint App. You can set budgets, preview spending, and allow for alerts. https://www.mint.com/ It is that simple, it will help you make sure that you are saving your hard-earned money, and treating yourself just enough!
  • TIP 2: I personally bank at RBC, there is a thing called NOMI that uses an algorithm to track your spending, and automatically pulls different amounts of money and puts it into a separate account. Having this app within a short few months, I’ve saved hundreds and didn’t even notice the money had left my chequing’s. Talk to your bank and see if they offer something similar or set up automatic withdrawals!

Look for sales: Sooo I still live with my parents, and besides a few small things, I have no house items. Bless them for buying me pots and pans and bless Simons for having throw blankets and cute kitchen trinkets. SO, omg, as I said above these things are $$$, yet I still need them. We are going to start spending a bit of each paycheque towards items we need that are on sale, and our best friend has been the FLIPP app.  Pop your postal code in and flyers from your area come up! Saving the earth and getting deals! There is even a search bar if you are looking to a specific something. We are currently searching for a vacuum and TV (cannot wait to be watching tv from our clean floor).

New Address, Who’s This: So, you move into your new home and everything is great until… oh s%&*! You realized that the online shoe order you just placed was going to your saved address which is not your new address. See the list below of places and people who need to know your current living situation.

  • Alberta Registry Services: You will need a driver’s license with an updated address.
  • Your Bank(s)
  • Current Employer: If you have had a different employer within the last year they will also need to know, as they mail out T-4 slips.
  • Insurance Company
  • Doctor/Dentist/Vet
  • Your favourite online stores that you’ve saved your info in
  • Family & Friends: The most important!

Canada Post: New Address Services

View the above link to learn more about Canada Post and the different mail forwarding services they offer. This link will also include information about getting your mailbox keys!

WIFI/Utilities: Imagine, you move into your house and…. NO WIFI SIGNAL?! Hellllooo, HOT water, where you at?! These first-world problems can gladly be taken care of BEFORE you move in. Find the telecommunication company you want to work with (In Edmonton your options are Telus or Shaw). Let them know your move-in date, and things will be arranged so that on the day of or shortly after those 3 beautiful bars will be in full force. The same thing is to be said for water, power, and gas. Getting this organized prior to your move-in is guaranteed to remove post-possession stress.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Even though it’s the middle of summer as I write this, I know me and I know my life and if I don’t get a shovel ASAP, I’m doomed. I mean it’s Edmonton so it could snow on August 31st. There are so many little things that can get overshadowed by the beds and tables when buying a house. Check out the graphic below on some small things that you might not be able to live without. (yes, I’m a drama queen but when you are bleeding and need a first aid kit you will thank me).

Things to do after you buy a house, Edmonton


These are a few things I am currently doing/will be doing in the future! If you have thoughts, think of something I missed, please leave a comment below. This list wouldn’t have been possible without the adulterer adults in my life.

Congratulations on moving into your new home! Wishing you a lifetime of goal crushing and happiness!

Be Fierce!